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By deciding on our services you can forget about the tedious organisation and management of cleaning staff, the purchase of cleaners and equipment and a number of other worries. Our employees are the people witch you can trust. They are properly prepared for the assignment.

We provide reliable advice and comprehensive help in choosing the right solution for your needs. The services are carried by us in accordance with the client's guidelines and with the highest standards. 

Standard cleaning

- Dusting


-Floor Cleaning



-Kitchen Counters Cleaning

-Microwave Cleaning 

-Toilet (Non-deep clean)

-Sink (Non-deep clean)

-Bath (Non-deep clean)

-Shower (Non-deep clean)

-Bathroom Surfaces

-Empty bins 

Services We Do Not Provide

-Oven Cleaning

-Carpet Cleaning

-Upholstery Cleaning

-Car Cleaning


-Laundry Service

Premium cleaning



-Floor Cleaning 



-Interior and Exterior Doors (Cleaned on Both Sides)

-Kitchen Counters Cleaning

-Kitchen Cupboard Doors 

-Inside Kitchen Cupboard Cleaning (May include extra charges depending on cupboard conditions)

-Fridge Cleaning

-Microwave Cleaning

-Extractor Hoods

-Bathroom Tiles & Skirtings

-Shower (Deep Clean)

-Bath (Deep Clean)

-Sink (Deep Clean)

-Toilet (Deep Clean)

-Bathroom Surfaces

-Empty & Wash Bins

-Wipe Down Top of Cupboards (If Applicable)

-Banisters Cleaning (If Applicable)

-Hoovering of Sofas

-Cleaning under Furniture (If Possible to Move)

-Spider Webs (If Applicable)

-Blinds, Shutters and Lighting Cleaning (Lamp shades need to be removed prior to cleaning)

Important Additional Information

For Deep Cleaning / Premium Cleaning Services a full payment  is required before the service can be carried out, Minimum 48 hours before. 

For regular cleaning service clients will be asked to sign a cleaning contract.

All payments are to be made via bank transfer after an invoice has been issued.

The information about the services that we provide are for reference only. The exact details about each cleaning service will be discussed with the client to establish what exactly needs done prior to the service starting.

Additional Services

-Interior Window Cleaning (Glass Only) - £2 per window

-Interior Window Cleaning (Glass & Frame) - £5 per window

-Ironing - £25 per hour

-Taking Care of the Home while Tenants away on holiday

Office cleaning

EcoClean Aberdeen are providers of

regular and time-specific cleaning services. We will create a cleaning schedule suitable specifically for your business, and tailored to your needs. 

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